How to determine that your skin is sensitive ?

Femme ayant appliqué ses produits cosmétiques naturels

How to determine that your skin is sensitive ?

I regularly notice the errors in the advice given on the choice of creams for sensitive skin. There is sometimes a confusion between dry and oily skin. 

I will provide some essential elements that will allow you to understand the factors that cause the appearance of this sensitivity and that weaken the skin.

Sensitivity comes from a punctual or recurrent imbalance of your skin.

There are many factors to consider, they can be related to :

  • A change of environments
  • Adaptation to the seasons
  • Modified food hygiene
  • Reactions to certain unsuitable products
  • Hormonal disruption
  • Vitamin deficiencies 

After asking a few simple questions of my clients, the factors are the same.

The answers that the skin gives me are this visibility on these fragile or reactive zones more or less important. The visible and apparent signs are redness, reactive states, even itching, regular discomfort, and heating.

The clients also express their stress and even their fears in this apprehension of applying non-adapted care products, the consequence of previous bad experiences for some.

The skin makes you feel that it is being abused.

My solutions and advice as an expert ?

It is important to choose your beauty treatments and the quality they offer.

Weakened or sensitive skin should prefer beauty products that are as natural as possible and free of essential oils because of the risk of allergy or over-stimulation.

Sensitive or irritated skin should be given vitamins and trace elements to reinforce the balance of its natural self-defense system in the face of stress or aggression. It is also not recommended to use abrasive active ingredients such as fruit acids. 

My answer is really this line to Olivier Lemaire's Pearl which is to be recommended.

Why ? Because it repairs and calms skin that has been weakened or sensitized. Its specificity is to immediately soothe and soften these sensitive areas with its repairing active ingredients that quickly offer a real protective shield.

All skin types can use this range,

My advice on being vigilant :

Oily skin can also be sensitive, hence the confusion about the wrong choice of beauty care products for dry skin. Oily skin cannot receive rich formulas that may make it even more oily.

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