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We position ourselves in a differentiating approach, both in the combination of luxury and 100% natural, and in the overall offer of the house Olivier Lemaire :

To create beauty products at the heart of the cosmetics industry in order to offer high quality beauty solutions, with constant innovation, for both Women and Men, in order to care for their beauty heritage.

For us, each formula must be a unique creation in a spirit of sustainability, ecology and respect for the environment. Our commitment is to continue to innovate new products based on the same spirit and ancestral know-how.

We manufacture our cosmetics using only ingredients that exist in nature, transformed by processes that respect the environment such as the distillation of plants, cold pressing or even the recovery by natural scraping for certain animal species.

Spearheading Olivier Lemaire's innovation, the products are made with fresh materials. Unusual formulas, new, with previously untried principles.

Cosmetics are reinvented and reinterpreted to transcend the universal beauty of women.
When originality meets pre-cellence.



Imagining "Haute Couture" formulas exclusive to sublimate all women. Reveal each of them with exceptional care products that tell the story of a lifetime. Each care bears witness to a precious memory to be treasured. To recognize oneself in each collection, according to one's personal needs and goals.


Today's women are looking for healthy, effective products to adorn their bathroom.
The art of differentiation; flagship of natural care, the entire range is labeled 100% natural.

The virtuosity of Olivier Lemaire is also expressed in the cabin. A signature massage has been developed to accompany each treatment protocol. A specific technicality labeled "art touch".

The integration of the olfactory message is specific to each person. Perfume links us to an experience, an emotion, a particular moment. The pleasure of discovering, living and reliving joyful episodes of life. Olivier Lemaire writes a unique score for each range. No perfume is added, only the active ingredients embellish the products.

Exceptional natural skin care products combining effectiveness, naturalness and pleasure of use. Beauty chronicles developed by beauty routine. Stunning natural creations to satisfy the most demanding skin needs.


Nos actifs pour nos cosmétiques naturels

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