Our history

" Severely burned, I had to make choices consistent with my values. 

I chose to abandon traditional skincare products and only listen to the advice of friends (Dr. Enrique Suller) and some people who advised me. 

I reconnected with what was dear to me and consistent with my life ethic to overcome this difficult ordeal. 

I have always believed in the virtue of plants and their benefits. For this reason, I took the initiative to turn to natural treatments. Every day, I applied natural products based on aloe vera and other healing and repairing plants to the entire surface of my damaged skin, complemented by regular treatments based on precise massage protocols that I had to follow. "

by Olivier LEMAIRE


Cosmétiques naturels

 This healing process, combined with a healthy lifestyle, has allowed us to discover that the skin has the ability to recover and heal itself in what is good for it and to offer us more than unexpected results.

It is in this personal ordeal that this beautiful adventure was born around the creation of beauty care formulas.

As a specialist in marketing and economic strategy, the project was to combine our 25 years of consulting in economic marketing strategy for companies and our experience to support the creation and development of the Olivier Lemaire brand on an innovative concept, combining cosmetics and naturalness, with strong values of sustainable development and eco responsibility. 

Olivier LEMAIRE was born around this unique approach of high quality and 100% natural beauty care.



Olivier Lemaire positions his brand as a jewel of nature. He brings humans closer to the fauna and flora, for their well-being, while advocating respect for species and the non-exploitation of nature. Sure values for the respect and the balance of the skin. Nature enhances the brand with its artistic positioning. 

To break free from existing codes, to push the limits, to be inspired by women and to develop a unique decorum for them. Deploying a powerful and embodied graphic universe that reveals all the facets of women and their subtleties.
When art is at the service of feminine beauty.


To become aware of the use of harmful products, to measure the consequences and the serious incidences on the health of the skin. Take care of yourself, with confidence, without having to take risks.

For this reason, Oliver Lemaire creates 100% NATURAL skin care products, and only natural, without any essential oils or chemicals. Care that respects the functioning of the skin's metabolism, rare by the quality and effectiveness they represent. 

CREATE NESS of VERY HIGH QUALITY.  Bringing a RESPECTFUL WELL-BEING to the person by acting on the health of the skin. This is precisely the values of the Oliver Lemaire house.

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